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Hearn law provides full-service legal representation and advice on every aspect of real estate. Whether you're handling a residential or commercial transaction, we're the real estate attorney for you.

We have provided comprehensive real estate representation to some of Tampa Bay's most prominent landlords and developers. Hearn Law represents clients in all phases of buying, selling, or leasing residential and commercial properties.

Real Estate Attorney You Need

With our expertise, we provide a streamlined process in:

• Real estate closings
• Commercial sales/purchases
• Landlord-Tenant Disputes
• Land use and zoning matters
• Acquisitions and leasing
• Real estate litigation
• Residential transactions

With a deep knowledge of the Tampa Bay real estate market, Hearn Law has the experience to deliver solutions to your real estate issues.

We Handle All Your Real Estate Litigation Needs

We have the expertise and trial experience to handle all kinds of real estate litigation. We represent developers, association owners, real estate investors, and property managers in all kinds of disputes.

Below are a few of the cases we routinely handle:
Breach of Contract
Contracts are the legal foundation of any real estate transaction. Failure to follow one or more of the conditions stipulated in a contract is grounds for legal action. Partner with Hearn Law to review any real estate contract before signing.

We can also help you in the event of a breach of contract, whether it involves the terms of a lease, land usage, boundary agreements, or residential or commercial property usage. We will work to protect our client's interests.
Property Line Disagreement
Boundary disputes are a common issue among property owners. Most property line disagreements can be solved by contracting the services of a surveyor. That said, some cases are more complicated than moving a fence. Maybe a portion of your driveway, garage, or other structure crosses over the shared boundary line.

In this case, you'll have an experienced real estate attorney by your side. At Hearn Law, we deal with all kinds of property line disagreements, including fence border disputes, lot line disputes, access issues, and encroachment issues.

We can help you file a claim for quiet title, lease a portion of the land at issue or file a claim for ejectment. There are plenty of ways to solve a boundary dispute and Hearn Law will fight for you.
Latent Defects
A latent defect is any damage to a property that’s not apparent upon initial inspection. Such defects are typically discovered after closing when the property changes hands. Failure to disclose defects is one of the most common disputes between buyers and sellers.

So, what do you do in such a case? You need to work with an experienced real estate attorney to ensure a smooth resolution.

Even though sellers have a duty to disclose both patent and latent defects, proving a claim for damages arising from a hidden or latent defect can be extremely difficult. For this reason, it’s important to work with Hearn Law to help navigate these issues.
Landlord-Tenant Disputes
When it comes to landlord-tenant disputes, we deal with cases involving nonpayment, holdover, and breach of lease.

Consult our experienced attorney to discuss a legal recourse. We represent clients in disputes arising out of commercial or residential leaseholds to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

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Tampa Bay is a dynamic and ever-changing real estate market. We're real estate attorneys with extensive experience in the local market. We are known for our pragmatic approach to real estate litigation, meticulous attention to detail, and our knack for finding simple yet effective solutions to complicated problems. Above all, our firm continues to place a premium on providing superior client service.

Hearn Law’s full complement of services makes us the only real estate law firm you need. Contact us for skilled representation in all matter’s real estate today!
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