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Civil Litigation

Civil litigations can be complex, lengthy, and difficult. If your dispute has risen to the level of civil dispute, Hearn Law is here to help.

Since any non-criminal litigation can be described as a civil case, the umbrella of civil lawsuits is very broad. Here at Hearn Law, we can assist clients in all legal matters involving:

• Non-competes
• Landlord-Tenant Law
• Personal injury claims
• Brokerage Disputes
• Breach of contract
• Shareholder and partnership disputes
• Civil Disputes related to Criminal Matters
• Real estate litigation
• Commercial Litigation
It's imperative to hire an attorney with extensive experience in these types of litigation. If your case goes to trial, you want an experienced trial lawyer who understands Tampa Bay juries and will fight for your best interests every step of the way.

Hearn Law has the required expertise in the business. We can represent you in both state and federal court. Our litigation experience matters. It gives us the credibility to reach successful and satisfactory resolutions for our clients.


Civil lawsuits are often very complex, involving financial damages due to breach of contract or personal injuries. Sometimes, civil litigation is a necessary part of doing business, especially in cases involving partnership disputes or a breach of contract.

With so much at stake, it's only wise to hire an attorney seasoned in civil law in Tampa Bay. With Hearn Law, you'll work with a lawyer that has relevant experience and a track record of success. We pride ourselves on handling each case with integrity and professionalism.

Get the resources, skills, and experience of a well-respected civil lawyer in Tampa Bay Area, on your side.
A civil lawsuit typically involves the following process

The Civil Litigation Process

1. Complaint and summons whereby a plaintiff initiates a civil suit by filing a complaint in the applicable court. A summons will then be served to the defendant alongside a notice giving them a certain period of time within which to respond.

2. The defendant will then file a response within the specified time period. As a defendant in a civil lawsuit, never ignore the notice. Failure to respond in time could result in a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff.

3. Discovery - Parties to the litigation are given an opportunity to gather information that has direct bearing on the lawsuit. Attorneys may also proceed with depositions where witnesses are questioned under oath.
4. Pretrial motions - Before the case goes to trial, either party may include procedural motions concerning how certain matters will be handled in court.

5. Trial - Not all cases go to trial, where the plaintiff's and defendant's attorneys argue their case before a judge or jury. If your case does indeed proceed to trial, you'll want a civil lawyer by your side. When the trial ends, a judgment will be made in favor of one of the parties.

6. Appeal - Again, not all cases will make it this far. That said, if the losing party is unsatisfied with the judgment, they're allowed to appeal the decision based on either an incorrect interpretation of the law or errors made during the proceedings.

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