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Business Litigation

Planning and minimizing risk are essential to every business. Factors affecting your business operations can change at a moment’s notice.

It’s our intricate understanding of business law that makes us the perfect firm to represent you in whatever business litigation matter you may be facing.

Hearn Law works with a wide variety of clients, from startups in need of legal advice to major corporations. We represent entrepreneurs, startups, small and large businesses in everything from formation and deal-making to protecting their rights in corporate litigation.

Any business, big or small, cannot afford expensive mistakes. Retaining Hearn Law can help protect your business and support growth and success.

What We Do at Hearn Law

We draw on our years of experience navigating business law in the Tampa Bay Area to help our clients minimize business risk and proactively approach corporate litigations. Our aim is to provide each of our clients the benefit of our professional insight and expertise and earn your confidence through years of reliable service.
Here are some of the legal matters we can help you with

Where Can We Assist You?

A breach of contract is a circumstance arising from one party's failure to act in accordance with its contractual obligations. This issue happens to be one of the most common types of business lawsuits. Depending on the clauses, a breach can arise when one of the parties in a contract:

• Fails to complete the job
• Fails to pay on time
• Fails to provide goods or services
• Fails to perform in accordance with the terms of the agreement

Hearn Law will represent your business in breach of contract or business tort claims. We have significant experience handling complex breach of contract lawsuits involving business debts, licensing contracts, employment contracts, asset-purchase agreements, and more. In every case we take on, our primary focus is to achieve maximum recovery for our clients.
We specialize in all types and manners of contracts. Contact Hearn Law to discuss your legal rights.
Disputes of any kind can be very costly – partnership and shareholder disputes especially.

Shareholder disputes are a recurrent feature of corporate life. Legal conflicts are bound to occur when there are multiple parties attempting to steer the direction of a business. Shareholders have the benefit of several statutory and contractual rights and obligations. Our attorneys regularly advise both minority and majority shareholders and routinely evaluate whether the dispute at hand can be settled by advocating for existing shareholder rights.

Partnership disputes take a great many forms. They can occur when partners are looking to downsize, retire a partner owing to advancement in age, oust a partner due to undesirable conduct, or readjust the objectives of the business. Whatever the case, you can rely on Hearn Law to represent your best interests in all matters.

We advise clients with respect to breach of fiduciary duty, dissolution, or expulsion. If litigation becomes necessary, we are more than ready to aggressively and appropriately represent your interests in court.


We have handled our fair share of non-competes. There's always a risk when you hire an employee (or set up a partnership) that they will use their knowledge of the business to start a competing firm once the professional relationship ends. Non-compete clauses exist for this reason.

Whether you need to create or negotiate an employment contract, we can provide the legal expertise you need. We can even help you negotiate your non-compete agreement with your employer for a win-win scenario.

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