COMMERCIAL LITIGATIONThe stakes are high when it comes to commercial litigation


Commercial Litigation

Hearn Law represents partnerships, private corporations, and individuals embroiled in commercial litigation.

Litigating a dispute with a customer, competitor, vendor, or any other third party can compromise the security, reputation, and financial well-being of your company. For a business, it's important to deal with lawsuits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Experience is paramount in reaching this goal. You want to partner with a trial lawyer who has seen it all and done it all. Name it; we've taken it to court.

Commercial disputes can arise from practically every aspect of a business's operations. Work with a lawyer who'll go the extra mile to protect your company's reputation and bottom line. Our corporate litigation attorney prosecutes and defends complex cases in a wide range of industries, from banking and insurance to medicine, and manufacturing.


In some cases, negotiating a settlement is the most cost-effective solution in a corporate lawsuit. What if your organization is clearly not liable? Or can’t afford to settle?

A skilled and knowledgeable commercial litigation lawyer can help you mitigate the time and cost of a lawsuit in these circumstances. Our commercial litigation services in the Tampa Bay Area range from counseling and negotiations to complex trials and appeals.

We represent clients at all stages of the litigation process and in all types of business-related claims.
At Hearn Law, our goal is to achieve a

Favorable Results for Our Clients

At Hearn Law, our goal is to achieve a favorable result for our clients – whatever it takes. If it’s in your best interests to negotiate a settlement, we’ll handle the entire process for you and work to secure the leverage you need through the discovery process.

If the only option is to go to court, we will pull out all the stops and fight for your company’s future. We have taken multi-million-dollar potential exposure cases to court and won. We are also known for our strength when it comes to class action suits.

All in all, we’re here to resolve our clients’ complex commercial litigation challenges. We’re here to help you make informed decisions and secure a cost-effective yet favorable resolution.

Experience You Can Trust from Hearn Law

Commercial litigation is widely complex. The business landscape is constantly changing, as are the laws. What's more, many corporate litigation cases are filed in federal court rather than in state court. Because there are businesses involved in the litigation, these cases tend to be more expensive due to the discovery process and the use of forensic professionals.

You cannot compromise on your choice of attorney!

At Hearn Law, we take a proactive – rather than reactive – approach to defense. We're the lawyers you want representing your business when the stakes get high. We advise Tampa Bay's largest corporations, as well as high-profile executives and directors. Our clients trust us to guide them through their most complex commercial litigation challenges.

From the onset of a dispute to its resolution, we work to protect your company's rights, reputation, and assets. Our law firm has cultivated a stellar reputation among our clients over the years. Your business is safe in our hands.
We provide a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule a Legal Consultation today!
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